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Joining other video calls can be surprisingly difficult and annoying.  With us there’s NO app or browser plugin to download…EVER!  And best of all, it’s virtually impossible for your participants to screw up “click here to join.” 

We make it as easy as possible for your participants to join your meetings so they don’t waste everyone’s time figuring out how to get in the meeting and spend the first 5 minutes apologizing.


Better than meeting in person?

Even before Covid-19, companies were fooling themselves if they thought customers really wanted to host salespeople, medical screeners, claims adjusters, and others in their homes.  And good luck to bosses who think they will force their top performers back into the office after months of demonstrating that work from home is more productive than being in the office.

Connecting by video saves time and studies have shown it increases employee and customer engagement.  And using our Click To Connect technology, setting up a meeting is as simple as sending a text.  Best of all, your communication is secure and encrypted from end to end without any setup on your part.  We’ve minimized the “bells and whistles” that just distract your customers so they can connect without anything to download, no account to log into, and no pass code to enter.

industries we serve:

Risk Management

Nursing Homes

Prison Healthcare

Emergency Response

Long-Term Care

Case Management


Utilization Review


Mental Health

Liability Insurance

Auto Insurance

Property & Casualty

Workers' Comp

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

This is just a sampling industries in which our solution can be deployed. The possibilities are endless.
Making meaningful connections in any industry when and where it makes a difference is what we do.