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Voice recorded statements have now gone visual.'s latest technology innovation expands the limitations of voice recorded statements with virtual assessments.

CHC Teleheatlh Solutions

Visual Recorded Statements

Driving Innovation in P&C’s visual recorded statements are driving innovation in the property and casualty market. The innovative recorded statement platform is moving the market from status quo to full video – creating the ability to have immediate visual verification with instant video file export and send capabilities.

3V Recordings Features

Developed by executive experts in recorded statement processes and technology at an attractive price point, The prominent features for Property and Casualty Organizations include:
  • Use it only when it’s appropriate or when you need it (i.e. face to face engagement needed in lieu of field visit, assessing injury, need to build enhanced rapport)
  • Download, export and send secure video emails; simplifying access to videos for attorneys
  • No software, no implementation time, no IT resources: sign contract, pull up account, click web address and go
  • Two-way video call to record statements
  • All video calls are recordable and retrievable anytime
  • Internet access is all that is needed
  • Authorized user log-ins provided


3V Differentiators

Utilization of video technology is expanding solutions offered in the property and casualty market. Are you ready to make the change?