09 Dec 2020

Human Engagement

 Hello this is Stephanie Toms with simpletoconnect.com.

 Do you know what human engagement really is?

It is any interaction between people that can bring about emotions. When we use tools that we cannot use our senses to interpret feelings we lose that human factor. We tend to get desensitized. During this time of the pandemic where we have been quarantined you will notice that people’s personalities have shifted. Their reactions are quite different than you would see in previous times.

Day to day emotions have been fluctuating from a state of boredom, sadness, and some madness.

People are lacking the interaction of a “real human.” We do not want a robotic response that is programmed to make us “think we are feeling.”

Even when people are getting another person to speak to through various forms of contact, they usually have had to jump through hoops to get to that feeling of connection. This leaves people in a state of anger, anxiety, and exhaustion.

People interact in 3 ways:

  • Modify emotions, actions & reactions due to feelings at that specific moment in time.
  • Adapt to their circumstances, environmental and emotional factors.
  • Dependency on what is provided to them or what they become comfortable and feel as their normal.

With simpletoconnect.com “Click to Connect” platform it literally is one button to a human. We eliminate those feelings of waiting and get the instant feeling of NOW.

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Content Published: Stephanie Toms/simpletoconnect.com